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Stainless steel mesh gloves with high anti-cutting and anti-puncturing properties have flexible wrist strap and adjustable metal snap-fastener design for fitting with most customers' wrist and letting them feel more comfortable.

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Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves with High Anti-cutting and Anti-puncturing Properties

Chainmail gloves, also called chain mail gloves, butcher gloves or oyster gloves, are widely used for protecting users' palms against sharp objects. Traditionally, chainmail gloves are made of metal with no fabric. While presently, to satisfy customers' requirements, we can also produce chainmail gloves with comfortable leather lining. What's more, the new design gloves with flexible wrist strap and adjustable metal snap-fastener design can also fit for most customers' wrist and let the customers feel more comfortable. Chainmail gloves are often made of high quality metal rings which features cut resistance and puncture resistance. Thus, chainmail gloves are widely used as butcher gloves and oyster gloves.

 Chainmail shirt without sleeves

Chainmail armor protect the whole body


Material  carbon steel, stainless steel, bright aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, etc.
Linking methods  riveting, butting and welding.
Chain link pattern  European 4 in 1 interlocking.
Surface treatment  zinc coating, black coating, copper plating.
Chainmail gloves size  XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, also can be customized.
Chainmail gloves type Reversible.
Three fingers with palm strap.
Fiver fingers, wrist length.
Five fingers with safety cuff and the cuff length can be customized.
Buyer customization.
Fasten strap material  polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel or can be customized.
Fasten strap color  white, red, green, blue, brown, orange, etc.
Fasten strap/cuff style  replaceable.
Additional information  wire diameter and ring diameter can be customized.

SS Chainmail glove against a blade

SS Chainmail glove against a knife

Three-finger chainmail glove test

SS chainmail glove anti puncturing test

Stainless steel mesh gloves features

Anti-corrosion property and rust resistance. High strength and sturdy structure.

Flexible and lightweight properties. Comfortable wearing design.

Low maintenance.. Reversible wearing.

More optional choices.

SS chainmail glove suitable for the restaurant

SS chainmail glove suitable for the slaughterhouse

Stainless steel mesh gloves applications

Family kitchen. Restaurant kitchen.

Supermarkets. Slaughterhouse.

Industrial products processing. Laboratory test.

Public security.

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