Architectural Woven Mesh Used for Building Facade Cladding

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Decorative metal mesh are woven into a variety of unique patterns, and have benefits of remarkably versatile, low maintenance construction, energy efficiency and material sustainability.

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Architectural Woven Mesh with Various Weave and Visual Forms

Architectural woven mesh also called decorative woven wire mesh or woven wire mesh. Generally, it can be weaved into a variety of unique patterns. And some woven type make the woven wire mesh like architectural cable mesh or architectural conveyor belt. With beautiful colors, fashionable patterns, concise style, good function, our architectural woven mesh has been adopted by more and more designers and architects used as interior and exterior decoration. Such as space divider, stair balustrades, wall cladding in office building, shopping mall or other special architectures.

Wire+rod decorative mesh.

Metal woven wire as space divider.


Material: stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.

Weave type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, unique woven method, etc.

Surface treatment: galvanized, anodized, zinc coated, etc.

Color: original metallic color or spray into other colors.

This wire mesh can be used for many applications with the following features:

Aesthetic appeal;


Architecturally inspired;

Variety of openings and sizes;

Unique design and appearance;

Style and functionality.


With multiple function and aesthetic appeal, the woven wire mesh is suitable for various applications.

Function: room dividers, ceiling decoration, wall decoration, door curtain, window screen, rolling shutters, shower curtain, fireplace screen, light partitioning, balustrades, staircases isolation screen, elevator cabins screen, shop exhibition stands, architectural panels, acoustical panels, cabinet panels, building facade, column cladding, craft projects, etc.

Application place: balcony, corridor, overpass, elevator, hotel, restaurant, office, building, grand ballroom, museum, concert halls, dining hall, exhibition halls, shopping mall, airport access, theater, etc.

Metal woven wire as room divider.

Metal woven wire as building wall.

Ceiling decorative wire mesh.

Hard mesh as building facade.

Metal hard mesh building cladding.

Round hard mesh building facade.

Architecture woven mesh samples.

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